Gonna work on a commission and maybe draw some other stuff if I got the time and power for it. Feel free to keep me company !! 

will delete this post when I stop livestreaming

love my friends 

Four days to beat the elite four? Damn, son

I didn’t put the game down pretty much ever for those four days oups 


tf2 iscribble/pchat dump, with some more of my prince scout/king demo

This me

if this means I can add you as a friend on the 3DS I will go catch psyducks!!!

hey u can add me even without the Psyducks if you want but if you want to help me on my quest on owning a Psyduck army, then who am I to stop u 

diamond-doge replied to your post: Btw Im still having my dream of owning…

scout u need to stop, this addiction is getting out of hand

who are u to tell me how to live my life

Btw Im still having my dream of owning 100 Psyducks so if you got any Psyducks you dont wanna keep, hmu

I only give my pokemon deep and meaningful names